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Our goal at Prizm is to develop and maintain a trust relationship with our clients, providers, and their employees.

Prizm Financials success depends upon a hardworking team of employees with a positive attitude and a willingness to develop and demonstrate outstanding relationship management skills.

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Prizm is an independent privately owned Canadian company. For 15 years we have successfully offered world-class customer service and relationship management.

  • Founded in 1997 by four partners with over 100 years of experience, Prizm has always been a knowledge based company. Today our employee demographic has an average age of 35, as we continue to employ young hard-working individuals that strive to be highly skilled in each of our business segments.
  • Our primary markets are Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. We also will handle existing customer referrals outside our primary markets.
    • 1 - Relationship Management
    • 2 - Problem Solving
    • 3 - Inquiry Response Management
    • 4 - Personal and Corporate Financial Knowledge
    • 5 - Loyalty and Retention


The critical success factors of our company.

Business Development

Hardworking individuals that collaborate to get your problems solved.

Customer Service Team

A client focused unit that responds quickly and enhances our customer experience.

Product Specialists

The brains behind the operation.

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